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All 2006 & 2007 products are available as CD Audio. For DVDs you will be prompted to select the appropriate media format. CDs $8 DVDs $15. Product Codes beginning with W=Western Forum. Product Codes beginning with MW=MidWest Forum.
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KTYST_DVD The Keys to Your Spiritual Transformation Seminar Package
WR07_PS1 Bruce Demarest CD- A Three-fold Journey of Healing & Transformation
WR07_PS2 Vie Thorgen CD- Knowing Jesus, Knowing Myself
WR07_PS3 Howard Baker CD- Journeying with Jesus
WR07_PV Alan Kraft CD- Journeying with Jesus: Experiencing the Rhythm of His Life
WR07_WS1 Alan Kraft CD- Leading Transformation: Avoiding the "Trying Harder" Trap
WR07_WS2 John Anderson CD- Leading Transformation: Discerning Jesus' will for our Church
WR07_WS3 Phil Grizzle CD- Leading Transformation: Developing the Missional Life:
WR07_WS4 Tom Ashbrook CD- Leading Transformation: An Integrating View,
MW07_PS1 Dave Johnson CD- Becoming Whole Leaders
MW07_PS2 Scot McKnight CD- Robust Gospel, Robust Spiritual Formation
MW07_PS3 Mel Lawrenz CD- Building a Whole Church: How Spiritual Formation Happens through Engagement
MW07_PS4 Bruce Damerest CD- Transformation & Mission: Journeying Inward & Outward
MW07_PS5 Juanita Rasmus CD- Transforming Whole Communities
MW07_FC Final Celebration CD-Spiritual Formation and the Mission of the Church
HN1 Henri Nouwen DVD - Spiritual Formation Missional Community (Luke 6:12-19)
PS1 Larry Crabb - Session 1 - Growing Transformational Relationships in Community
PS2 Dallas Willard -Session 2 - The Gospel Jesus Taught and the Atonement - The Foundation for
PS3 Alan Andrews - Session 3 - American Culture and Transformation Missional Communities
PS4 Roberta Hestenes - Session 4 - The Missional Role of the Spiritual Community: Prayer, Justice and